Do You Search With DuckDuckGo?

duckduckgo search engine

DuckDuckGo is an internet search engine that avoids user information as well as ensures full protecting of their privacy. Usually, search engines have their sway over what is to be revealed and what not including user identity, location and other personal information. This has been changed with the appearance of DuckDuckGo search engine. The main idea is to give the user’s space to access what they want and not divulge any details to third party that may cleverly usurp them with through a series of traceable transactions and filters.

The concept is to show the same series of search results emanating out of a search term thus it becomes almost impossible to identity the location. The whole thing is operated akin to the dark web where the emphasis is on user privacy above all others. Although they are trying to shed the image of being for adult content, DDG is a great option when searching for hookup sites or local escorts, A space that is usually inundated with advertising and spam. With DDG if you search escorts near me you will be delivered to an actual free escort site like skipthegames (Click Here to visit) rather than a bunch of paid advertising dating offers.

Search Engine for User Satisfaction

DuckDuckGo or DDG has been in the forefront of bringing greater experience to users and thrives on selective anonymity. In other words, by default the DDG never stores IP addresses, logging user information and only uses cookies as and when the user requires. It also puts emphasis on quality search results rather than quantitative results. This means that you get the best search result from over 400 individual sources.

Although some of its source code is free software its core is always proprietary and therefore heavily scrutinized. In this context you may find that when DuckDuckGo displays the results of a search, it is usually collected from text files or third party APIs. The text files therefore are static data source and so also the third party APIs such that the user needn’t search around for results which greatly compromise on user’s data sources At DDG it is known as instant answers.

DDG also avoids content mill and hence you will often find that there are hardly any advertisements displayed on its web pages or third party applications.

Bang Bang Bang!

You will find another interesting thing about DDG as a search engine is that unlike Google it gives you result in a bang. These bangs are shortcuts that speedily take you to other sites. If you want to know an answer that belongs to other sites then you instantly jump on one go to that specific site without browsing or delaying tactics. The only thing you ought to remember is that you are always subjected to that site’s policies. This includes most things like data collection and other site requirements.

DDG has also introduced anonymous searching that includes a specified exit program for its search engine that uses Tor network which is incidentally a dark web. Hence, the routing traffic undergoes a series of encrypted relays. Even using its homepage means that it is encrypted end to end for users.

Although DuckDuckGo has a lot to go to challenge Google’s formidable strength over the internet, yet the day may not be far when there will millions of users as its customer base. Currently, it has steadily been increasing its user base significantly. Even reviews gathered by DDG are more on the positive as nowadays privacy has become an important issue on the internet.